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My name is Sherina Shantelle.

Shantelle is actually my middle name. I am most known for being an Encourager ( you will never feel small in front of my lens )!

I am a Jesus lovin’, adventure seeking, chai latte drinking girl from Montreal,Canada. I believe in Celebrating the Everyday and not just waiting for the ‘Big Moments’.

I seriously come alive with a camera in my hand. As a lifestyle photographer, I create & capture those candid, couldn’t-have-faked-that-if-I-tried moments.

I am so moved by Love and human connection.
I get so much joy out of giving the unique gift of showing ‘how he looks at you when you’re unaware’ or the confidence to invest in
and share your brand or passion project with the world!

Eeek! I can't wait to Meet you, 
Hear your Dreams & Celebrate with you!